Hi. I'm Chris J Powell

I am a Sales Guy...that is what I do...but I am much more than that.  

Learn about what I do.

I Connect the Dots!

I work to strengthen the Connections between my Customers, my Family and all things Geeky!

Sales Guy

A Proven Leader in the world of Inside Sales, I build strong bonds between the products and services that I represent and the customers that I support.  I live and breath the work I do...it Defines me, but it does not Rule me!  It is all about balance.


When it comes to Technology, I have a Love Hate Relationship...as it seems I love the Tech and the Tech hates me because it never stands still long enough to catch up.  Linux, Blogging and all things Google (Android, ChromeOS etc), it is a Wild Ride.


My Family is what makes me Tick.  I love them dearly and they are all the motivation a guy like me needs.  My Wife, my Daughter and the extended family that includes my colleagues and customers...I help...because it is the right thing to do!

All Work and no Play makes Krispy, a dull boy!

Early on in my Sales Career I became known as Krispy.  This has followed me through in all that I do now both in Sales and my extra curricular activities.

Sales Performance

Building a strong connection with customers is what I do 8-5 PM


But looking out to the world at large and connecting with Technology, Leadership and a broader connection is what I love! With the all new Krispy's Bytes...I will be taking it to a new level!

Playing Hard

It is amazing what a little bit of wanton destruction can do to relieve stress so I turn to the world of Paintball!

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I am a wildly interesting guy...and with my role as Business Development Executive with SMT Learning...I will exceed your expectations.

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